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'24 Season Overview

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5th/6th Grade

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The cost of mesh lacrosse sticks can vary widely. They typically begin at about $30.00, but can go well into the hundreds. Be prepared, the more your child plays the game and has the opportunity to check out other players' sticks, the more likely he is to want to purchase a newer, more expensive, more "cool" stick.
Once you purchase a stick, please refer to our handout for sizing the stick to your child's body size, and if you're up for it, our handout for dyeing the head of your stick with crazy colors and patterns.


Helmets are expensive and can range in price from $100 to $200. They must be NOCSAE (National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment) certified and approved for lacrosse. They must be equipped with a face mask, chin pad and a cupped four point chin strap fastened to all four hookups. Hockey helmets are not acceptable

Mouth Guard

Mouth guards that attach to a helmet typically cost anywhere from $2 to $20. Regardless of how much you pay, your child's teeth are important to us. Therefore, it is required that children wear a mouth guard at all times when throwing and catching the ball. You may even want to consider having your child keep an extra one in their lacrosse bag in case something happens to the one they regularly use.

Shoulder Pads

Boys shoulder pads range in price from about $30 to $150.

Rib Pads

Boys optional rib pads are strongly recommended and cost between $30 and $80.

Elbow Pads

Boys elbow pads can cost between $20 to $80.


Boys lacrosse gloves will sell for $30 to $200. When purchasing gloves, remember that you cannot use hockey gloves. They do not flex in the correct places.


Athletic supporter with protective cup - you need one. It'll cost you less than $15. Don't even think about playing without one...


Cleats are about $20 and up. You do not need to purchase any type of special lacrosse cleats. If your child already has a pair of rubber soled cleats that they use to play soccer, they will do fine.

Lacrosse Ball

You can buy lacrosse balls for around $2 to $4. Each player will be required to have their own ball that they bring to practices. To distinguish their ball from the those belonging to other players, we recommend that you write the name of your player on his ball.

Lacrosse Bag

Lacrosse bags come in all sorts of styles and price ranges. They start at about $15 and can go up to around $70. They include the shoulder bag styles, slingpacks, backpacks, and duffle bags. The type of bag you purchase and how much you want to pay is up to you. You don't need one to play in the league, but you may want to consider purchasing one. They come in handy for players carting around their stuff. (Note that some players just like to slide their helmets and pads onto the shaft of their stick when carrying around their equipment.