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Program Philosophy

who we are

Smithtown Youth Lacrosse offers one of the most value driven lacrosse programs on Long Island. We are a non-profit organization that has been providing highly competitive, town-focused teams benefiting the Smithtown community for many years.

Program Philosophy

Smithtown Youth Lacrosse is a non-profit 501(c)(3) whose mission is to promote sportsmanship and athletic achievement through the game of lacrosse. We work to grow the sport by providing quality instruction and coaching of lacrosse fundamentals, skills, techniques, and strategies. We focus on developing both the individual and team skills necessary for fair and fun play. We want each and every participant to feel like they have made a contribution to themselves as well as to their respective team both on and off the field. We aim to be a feeder program for kids who wish to play lacrosse in high school and beyond. And, most importantly, we teach players to “Honor the Game” by respecting the rules, opponents, officials, teammates and themselves.

What age does Youth Lacrosse start?

Our program is offered to residents in the Smithtown School District. The program starts in Kindergarten and goes all the way up to 8th grade.

We are considered a feeder program for the High Schools. We are committed to creating a positive environment, giving players the tools and skills they need to play at the next level. Whether your son is new to lacrosse or a returning player, there is a comfortable spot within Smithtown Youth Lacrosse for them. Smithtown Youth Lacrosse also encourages multi-sport athletes. We believe this makes them well rounded and even better lacrosse players. We do our part to make participating in our program conflict free.

What is the difference between all other clubs and Smithtown Youth Lacrosse?

Today's club scene can be overwhelming. There are many out there and it builds an atmosphere filled with FOMO (fear of missing out). Clubs are for-profit businesses. Smithtown Youth Lacrosse is not!

  • We do not turn anyone away from playing club.

  • We do not direct or persuade anyone between one club or another. This is a personal choice by you

  • We understand that club lacrosse is here to stay, and we continue to work to find ways to keep the two existing together.

  • We understand many of our players want to be a part of club lacrosse. There are many advantages in doing so, but keeping that in mind, it is not for everyone.

Playing for your town is important. These are your close friends that you go to school with and that you will be playing with in Middle School and High School.

It is important to keep the dynamic together at an early age and build upon it all the way to the high school level. As such, we are extremely excited to work with the High School coaches of both Smithtown East and West.

Keep in mind, if your son is playing the sport that they enjoy, then he is progressing. That is what's important!

We hope to see your son on a Smithtown Team!